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High-quality services for civil and architectural engineering projects and the construction field in general in the Kingdom. The multi-layer technical team is qualified to provide all consultations
DETAILS دهانات الايبوكسي والأرضيات الصناعية

Epoxy paints and industrial floors

  • Treament

Epoxy floor paints are paints made of chemical materials that are hard and durable after being dried and applied to the floors

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Treatment Expansion Joints

  • Architecture
  • Renovation

You can now learn how to treat structural joints, which is considered one of the most important services provided to you by Tabqat Company with a high level of efficiency and mastery in work.

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DETAILS كشف ومعالجة التسربات شركات

Detecting and treating leaks

  • Engineering Consultancy

Tabqat Company is distinguished by the features of devices to detect water features and a team of experts that provides the best distinguished services

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DETAILS شركة-عزل-اسطح

Water and thermal insulation

  • Isolation

Spray Polyurethane Foam + Protection Layers It is a system to resist water leakage and reduce heat transfer in buildings

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DETAILS العزل-المائي

Water Isolation

  • Isolation

Choosing the waterproofing in buildings is one of the most important factors that preserve the investment in the building for the long term

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DETAILS العزل الحراري باستخدام الواح البوليسترين

Heat Isolation

  • Isolation

Thermal insulation in buildings is designed to contain the heat inside the buildings in cold countries and prevent heat from entering the building in warm countries/p>

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