Treatment Expansion Joints

You can now learn how to treat structural joints, which is considered one of the most important services provided to you by Tabqat Company with a high level of efficiency and mastery in work.


Tabqat Company is keen to follow a set of fixed standards and steps for the possibility of carrying out the process of treating structural joints, in order to obtain the best possible result and protect the building from exposure to any damage or problem, so through the following points you can learn about the treatment steps:

Firstly, it should be known that concrete can move easily, especially during the process of expansion and contraction, and thus this leads to the transformation of many structural elements.

In order to prevent negative and harmful effects, the process of treating joints must be carried out, especially in concrete, by merging all joints, whether in walls, foundations, or paving slabs.

Also, a slab is placed continuously on the multi-faceted surfaces, and then an expansion joint is used in order to relieve the pressure on the entire building.

In addition to the importance of relying on the use of a high-quality and efficient concrete sealant, as it helps to fill all the gaps that result from cracks and fissures.

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